Ahoy, Mateys!

I'm Captain Jen, and welcome to Ships Ahoy! Here, I help navigate you through the rocky waters of the industry using smart marketing (smarketing?).

How do I help you? A couple of ways:

-I make lots of stuff. What kind of stuff? Most anything you could possibly need to pimp out your gigs, your career and yourself. All this stuff here, then a lot more here and here. I really love making stuff, I'm quite good at it, and I love making actors happy with the stuff I make. :) Interested? 

-Blogs! Lots and lots and lots of blogs on nearly every facet of marketing and career you can imagine. Don't see what you need to know? Just ask on Facebook or Twitter

"Got it! But why 'Ships Ahoy'?"

A ship (according to actor business coach Dallas Travers) is a wonderful little piece of yourself that you send out in the mail to remind the people who you'd like to work with...that you're working, you're marketable, and that you're awfully happy and grateful to be on this crazy-fun lifepath!

So let's let those ships sail!